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FMEA analysis. Compendium of practical knowledge

E-book entitled „FMEA analysis. Compendium of practical knowledge” made by Tomasz Greber. In the book you can find basic information on analyzing causes and effects of irregularities as well as essential details which influence the effectiveness of the method in question. Feel free to read the e-book!

Limited edition in Polish.

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Symposium on Quality Management in the Automotive Industry

28 July 2021|0 Comments

We observe events that may be of interest to our clients. Qualitätsmanagement [...]

What’s next with the new FMEA

28 July 2021|0 Comments

We have received many inquiries recently about when the new edition of [...]

See if your analyzes could not be even better!

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FMEA is not only our job, but also our passion, which is [...]

The new AIAG / VDA handbook is getting closer!

28 July 2021|0 Comments

D More information is available regarding the expected FMEA manual published jointly [...]

Finally AIAG & VDA FMEA HANDBOOK on sale!

28 July 2021|0 Comments

Several years of work on the new FMEA standard developed jointly by [...]

PQ-FMEA + edition with AIAG & VDA is now available!

28 July 2021|0 Comments

The program has been adapted to the new requirements. However, it has [...]

An errata for the AIAG & VDA FMEA ed.1 manual appeared!

28 July 2021|0 Comments

A table with a list of errors from the new manual and [...]

VDA special characteristics – 2nd edition of the manual

28 July 2021|0 Comments

A few months ago, VDA released the 2nd updated edition of Special [...]


SFMEA – Software FMEA

28 July 2021|0 Comments

Quality and newer software have become a new cancer in recent years. [...]

New edition of the SAE standard to FMEA

2 February 2021|0 Comments

In January 2021, a new edition of the important SAE J1739 standard [...]

PQ-FMEA – fast and effective FMEA

13 August 2019|0 Comments

PQ-FMEA software is intuitive tool for create FMEA. addition, by using this program you can save a lot of time needed to prepare a Failure mode and effects analysis compared to working on an excel.  We invite you to watch the video [...]

New AIAG/VDA handbook approved!

14 May 2019|0 Comments

Now, we are sure! A few days ago, in Berlin, VDA approved [...]

New FMEA standard

24 April 2019|0 Comments

A new standard: PN-EN IEC 60812:2018 was release recntly. Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA and FMECA). This is an updated version of the 2006 standard.   This standard involve important changes in [...]

Moderator FMEA – NOWOŚĆ!

27 February 2019|0 Comments

Coraz więcej firm dostrzega zyski płynące z prowadzonych analiz FMEA. Kadra kierownicza [...]

New AIAG and VDA requirements with regard to FMEA – defining failures and effects

7 June 2018|0 Comments

We have been waiting for many months but at last we can [...]

FMEA analysis effectiveness determinants

7 June 2018|0 Comments

Just to remind you, FMEA is a method concerned with specifying what [...]

FMEA for Monitoring and System Response

5 June 2018|0 Comments

A new handbook published jointly by AIAG and VDA, providing an insight [...]

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You can create FMEA analysis even faster thanks to PQ-FMEA own software

11 April 2018|0 Comments

See how modern software can improve your work! Download a free demo [...]

New FMEA is already available!

11 April 2018|0 Comments

Thanks to intensive work of AIAG and VDA experts, a long-awaited new [...]

E-book is not enough for you?

25 January 2018|0 Comments

Creating FMEA analysis can be easier if you get familiar with its [...]